How does the walkie-talkie frequency

The method of intercom linking is as follows:
1. Press and hold the MONI key + DIAL key to turn on the machine until SELF is displayed;

  1. Press LOW to display CH1, turn the channel knob “ENC” to select the desired channel;
  2. Press the PTT key to display –2, press the LOW key to display the receiving frequency, press the “1” key and turn the channel knob “ENC” to adjust the number, release the “1” key to turn the channel knob
    “ENC” to adjust the decimal, press the PTT key until it displays —— press LOW to display the transmitting frequency, the adjustment method is the same as adjusting the receiving frequency. Press the PTT button straight
    To display CH2. At this time, a channel has been saved.
  3. To select other channel settings, please repeat the above steps until the linking is successful.

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