Motorola released MTP3000 series TETRA walkie talkie

The Motorola system officially released the new MTP3000 series TETRA handheld walkie-talkie products, which has further improved safety and reliability than the original products, and adopted a new standard in audio effects.

The MTP3000 series is equipped with the most sensitive receiver on the market (the sensitivity of all existing TETRA walkie-talkies has been enhanced to a -2db), reaching a network 14% higher than the specifications of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Coverage and expansion of network coverage by 30%. Adhering to the philosophy of “excellent audio quality”, the MTP3000 has optimized volume and speech intelligibility, combined with a state-of-the-art PA system to ensure clear, smooth voice calls even in extremely noisy environments.

In terms of airframe configuration, the MTP3000 series walkie-talkie has greater sensitivity and 1.8W output power, achieving optimal network coverage, increasing coverage within the building and enhancing customer safety. At the same time, they are equipped with two control knobs for volume adjustment and talk group selection. When the user wears the product on the body, there is no need to worry that the walkie-talkie is not in the line of sight and affect the operation. This configuration and experience similar to that of the simulator can also help users make an easy transition from analog to digital. In addition, the MTP3000 Series features a new, fast and rugged (IP65 certified) wing connector that allows users to load and unload accessories in less than two seconds. The MTP3000 Series is also fully supported by Motorola’s integrated terminal management system, ensuring that the organization can effectively master the overall team situation of all terminals.

The new MTP3000 has a number of exquisite ergonomic designs, such as slight protrusions of the buttons, and a reasonable spacing for easy and accurate operator input and optimum hand feel during use. At the same time, the bottom interface of the MTP3000 has been specially designed to have a self-cleaning function and is easy to clean.

With a number of new features to meet operational needs, the MTP3000 Series offers more choices for users in the public security, fire, armed police, urban rail transit, and airport, port, and energy industries to meet their diverse product needs.

Jiang Hao, Chairman and President of Motorola Systems (China) Co., Ltd., government and corporate customers hope to obtain TETRA walkie-talkies with higher security, ease of use and durability to assist people who often use walkie-talkies in harsh environments. Ability to focus on mission-critical execution. The MTP3000 Series offers a comprehensive upgrade in performance while maximizing the ability of users to manage different devices and accessories. It is believed that with its excellent audio, reliable security and excellent functions, the MTP3000 series walkie-talkie can further meet the communication needs of customers and help them to achieve the best at every critical moment.

It is reported that the MTP3000 series currently has three models MTP3100, MTP3150 and MTP3250, all of which are available now, offering a full range of products in both 350MHz and 800MHz.

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