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        2019 Newest CB Radio XIEGU G1M Portable Multi-Band QRP HF Transceiver


        XIEGU G1M HF Quad Band Portable SDR Transceiver QRP SSB CW AW 0.5-30MHz Mobile Radio

        XIEGU G1M HF Quad Band Portable SDR Transceiver QRP Short-Wave 5W SSB CW AW 0.5-30MHz Mobile Radio Amateur Walkie Talkie Ham Two Way Radio

        Bullet Point

        [Mini Five Watt QRP Transceiver] – Receiving Capability 0.5-30 MHz General Coverage and transmitting capabilities on four most popular amateur radio bands, the G1M is a highly portable QRP transceiver and has a clear and bright OLED screen.

        [NEW SDR Core Circuit Design] – With SDR structure, the G1M’s core is based on 16 bit-CODEC sampling and has excellent performance in a compact size.

        [NEW AM Receiving Mode] – The newly added AM receiving mode allows you to listen to news radio from around the world.

        [CW Reception] – The 800Hz narrowband CW digital filter makes Morse Code transmissions easier and clearer to decode.

        [NEW Spectrum Display] – The G1M uses an bright OLED display screen that displays all status information, which provides high convenience of the user. The screen effect is kindly clear even in sunlight.

        [Warranty Note] – We provide a 1 year warranty on the Xiegu G1M. As usual, if you modify the radio’s hardware, the warranty is void.


        • High Performance SDR Core Circuit Design

        • Bright OLED Display + Spectrum Display

        • NEW AM Broadcast Receiving Mode

        • NEW Added CW Trainer Function

        • Adaptive Speech Noise Reduction processing

        • HF Continuous ReceiverTuning

        • Supports Data Communication Mode

        • Supports Connection interfacing with PC

        • Supports Manual / Automatic CW Key operation for Straight or Iambic Keys (see below)

        • Supports Connection with XPA125 / XPA125B / XPA20 Amplifiers- (Is this currently true??)

        • Adjustable AGC Control


        Note: Please do not randomly change the settings of the factory configuration menu, or the whole machine may be damaged or function abnormally!

        The G1M Supports Connection with a PC: With 3.5mm socket, G1M can connect to a computer for data modes using aftermarket soundcards. As an example Tigertronics Inc. sells a G1M kit developed with a G1M user, for data modes, others are available as well.

        Also, via new interfaces G1M can easily connect to the XPA125/XPA125B /XPA20 amplifiers.

        Clear OLED Display: All the function changes are clearly shown on the display. The screen is clear even in sun.

        Support Key Mode Selection: You can choose manual or automatic mode, left-hand mode or right-hand mode as you desire via multi-function buttons.


        Receiving Frequency 0.5~30MHz(Continuous)
        Transmitting Frequency 3.5~4.0MHz
        Operating Mode SSB/CW/AM(AM is only used to receive broadcasts)
        Receiving Sensitivity 0.45uV 12dB SINAD
        Receiving Dynamics 90dB
        Transmit Power 5W 13.8V DC
        Spurious Suppression ≥45dB
        Frequency Stability ±1.5ppm (30 minutes after turning on the power)
        Audio Output Power 0.5W
        Operating Voltage 12~15V DC
        Stand-by Current 0.5A max
        Transmitting Current 2.5A max
        Wavelength short-wave including four amateur radio bands
        Case Size 97*40*155 (mm)
        Certification CE, FCC (ES190111036E)

        Package Content

        • 1x G1M HF Transceiver
        • 1x Speaker Mic
        • 1x Coaxial Power Cable
        • 1x English Manual
        • 1x Certificate
        • 1x Warranty Card
        Weight 1.2 kg
        Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 cm


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