For Ham Radio Heatsink 3.2W HF VHF UHF FM Transmitter RF Power Amplifier


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1MHz-700MHZ 3.2W HF VHF UHF FM transmitter RF Power Amplifier For Ham Radio + Heatsink



Note: Do not receive a signal input or output is not connected load energized

3.2W RF Amplifier (700MHZ / 30DB)

I. Application:

Broadband RF power amplifier for all types of wireless applications, FM shortwave radios remote control toys, digital radio, etc., enter 1 milliwatt (0DBM) maximum output of 3 watts, 15V voltage supply, broadband work 1MHZ to 700MHZ can be work. As a result of well-designed, low end that can reach 35DBM (3W), at 500M, the output power can reach 32DBM (1.6W), please refer to the specific parameters S21 and point frequency test chart. Amplifier size 37MM * 56CM * 1.5CM (behind with a large heat sink).

Second, technical indicators

1. supply voltage: + 15V DC (typical current 450mA / gain maximum output)

2. the operating frequency: 1MHZ-700MHZ, input and output impedance: 50 ohms;

3. the maximum output amplitude: 35dbm (3.2W / 50 Ohm)

4. Gain: 35 dB (see specific curves S21 curves, different frequencies are different)

5, the input signal Size: low frequency (0DBM / 1 mW), high frequency (2DBM)


Package Contents
1 x  RF  Amplifier (100% Brand New)

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 cm


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