Anytone AT-D868UV Firmware 2.27 GPS DMR Dual-band Two Way Radio 


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Anytone AT-D868UV Firmware 2.27 GPS Dual-Band Two Way Radio

Digital DMR Tier II UHF 400-480 Mhz VHF 136-174 MHz Dual Band Handheld Commercial Two Way Radio

The Anytone AT-D868UV with GPS DMR is the newest firmware version Ver 2.27,VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with GPS and 1.77 inch color TFT display. Ideal for Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Forestry and Security operations. 4,000 Channels with 10,000 Talk Groups. Frequency coverage 136-174 / 400-480 MHz. Includes USB Programming cable.

The Anytone D868UV GPS Dual Band DMR radio was developed to conform to the DMR Tier I and II requirements. And it offers state-of-the-art performance for both digital and analog operation at both the UHF and VHF frequency band.

Also, the Dual Band DMR radio has been certified by FCC under Part 90 standards and it can offers 4,000 Channels, 10,000 Digital Talk Groups with 150,000 Contacts.

The large color display offers clear information about the Dual Band DMR radio operation and function, including displaying whom you are connected to.

The powerful transmitter is very reliable and even offers up to 7 Watts of power for a hand-held Dual Band DMR Radio.



Dual Band DMR: True 2 slot which complies to Motorola Tier I and II
Auto-senses digital or analog reception
Power: 6 W, 5 W, 2.5W or 0.5W – 7 W max on VHF
Sensitivity: ≤0.25 µV Analog @ 25 kHz, ≤0.35 µV Analog @ 12.5 kHz
0.3 µV/-117.4 dBm (BER 5%) DMR
Selectivity: ≥ 70 dB @ 25 kHz, and ≥60 dB @ 12.5 kHz
Modulation: 7K60FXD data and 7K60FXE data+voice
DMR Talk Groups: 4,000 Channels, 10,000 Talk Groups with 150,000 Contacts
Display: 1.77-inch color TFT screen with dual channel display
can be set to single or dual channel operation
displays DMR ID, Callsign, Name, City, State, Country etc.
Bandwidth: 12.5 kHz/25 kHz Analog, and 12.5 kHz DMR
Analog Tone: CTCSS/DCS encode and decode
DTFM/2Tone/5Tone encode and decode
Four different Tone-Pulse frequencies
DMR call: Individual, Group or All call
Display icon or voice prompt when connected to repeater
Vocoder: AMBE 3000
Encryption: Allows encryption functions
SMS: Allows SMS via keyboard
Recording: Allows internal recording of calls (option)
PTT: ANI function and PTT ID or Voice Operated Transmit
Alarm: Emergency Alarm Transmit with GPS coordinates
Connection: Kenwood type earphone/mic connection – programming cable
GPS: Full feature GPS positioner (option)
Programming: Easy to use software for programming DMR and Analog
allows export/import of each parameter to/from excel spreadsheet
easy import of DMR contact database (entire worldwide)
Programming Guide available to clarify all parameters
Advanced Features: Call Alert – will send a message to target radio
Remote Monitor – Open the mic at target radio
Get GPS – will obtain GPS position of target radio
Check Radio – will check if target radio is powered on
Kill/Wake – can make target radio inoperative/open it up.
Battery: Standard 2,100 mAh Polymer battery
3300 mAh Li-ion battery (thicker back)


Package Includes:

1x AnyTone AT-D868UV GPS Dual Band DMR/Analog radio

1x USB Programming Cable and software

1x Dual Band Antenna

1x Li-ion Battery 3300mAh

1x Belt Clip

1x Charger base and AC Adapter

1x User’s Manual

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Dimensions 200 × 180 × 80 cm


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