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HYT G36 Bluetooth DMR Handheld Digital Radio Hytera Walkie Talkie UHF 400-440MHz 430-470MHz


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HYT G36 UHF 400-440MHz 430-470MHz Digital DMR Commercial Walkie Talkie Hytera DMR Digital Radio for Self Driving Travel TYPE-C Charging


Hytera HYT G36 Digital/Analog Dual Mode Walkie Talkie has a good price performance ratio. The TYPE-C is charged and the writing frequency is simple. It is suitable for self driving travel.

Lightweight and portable

The HYT G36 adopts a lightweight design, with a 4.5cm micro antenna, a 24mm lightweight body, and a 135g lightweight body. It is compact and lightweight, paired with a textured body, providing you with an excellent wearing and usage experience.

Easy to use

Quickly turn on in 3 seconds, equipped with a built-in battery and antenna, without the need for too many accessories, ready to use. Use the international Type-C interface to charge and write frequency at once.

High definition sound quality

HYT G36 meets the DMR digital standard and accurately extracts speech based on vocal features, effectively reducing background noise. At the same time, paired with 3W high-power speakers, it can perfectly restore sound quality in noisy environments such as shopping malls and warehouses, ensuring clear voice intercom.

Long-distance communication

By using a 4.5cm built-in antenna, the suburban communication distance of G36 can reach 5.2 kilometers. Meanwhile, the sensitivity of HYT G36 has been increased to 0.18 μ V. Stronger anti-interference ability, even in indoor spaces with strong occlusion, it can ensure smooth communication between staff.

Type-C fast charging

HYT G36 adopts a built-in battery design, combined with algorithm optimization to reduce power consumption, and matches the shift work of staff with a battery life of 10+hours. Supports fast charging, working for 8 hours in 1 hour, bidding farewell to the long waiting time for charging.

General specifications

Frequency range: 400-440MHz, 430-470MHz

Channel capacity: 256

Area capacity: 8

Working voltage: 3.8V

Battery: 2200mAh lithium battery

Average battery operating time (5/5/90 duty cycle, high-power transmission)

Simulation: 10 hours

Number: 14 hours

Overall dimensions (height × wide × Thickness: 158x55x28mm

Weight: approximately 135 grams

Display screen: 0.9 inch OLED

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm
Frequency Range

400-440MHz, 430-470MHz, 400-440MHz(Bluetooth)


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