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Kenwood UVF-1 Turbo Walkie Talkie Dual Band UHF VHF Two Way Radio

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Kenwood UVF-1 Turbo UHF VHF Dual Band Two Way Radio

The Kenwood UVF-1 Turbo​ radio has a lot of advantages. Multifunctional dual-band radio Kenwood UVF-1 TURBO with monitor mode and display of two channels, as well as many other useful functions. You can set both the amateur mode of using the walkie-talkie and the professional one.



Efficient flexible antenna 205 mm long;

Increased power output;


Display backlight with color customization;

Energy saving function;

Transmitter power adjustment;

2-frequency activity monitoring;

Deleting and adding memory channels from the keyboard;

Transmit-receive frequency spacing;

The ability to assign a name to the channel;

CTCSS and DCS codes;


Auto shutdown timer;

Indication of received signal level (S-meter);

Keypad lock;


Scanning frequencies, memory channels, CTCSS and DCS codes;

Automatic identification of network subscribers (when a signal is received from the Desired subscriber, his identification “call sign” is displayed);

Grid spacing ensures compatibility with most amateur stations;

3000 mAh battery extends battery life;

9-level adjustment and automatic threshold noise reduction guarantee high-quality Communication and comfortable reception conditions even with interference.

Equipment and characteristics of Kenwood UVF1 Turbo

Main technical parameters of Kenwood UVF-1 Turbo:

  • ranges: 136–174 MHz, 400–480 MHz;
  • power: up to 9 W;
  • VOX voice activation function;
  • number of memory channels: 200;
  • number of memory banks: 2.

The Kenwood UVF-1 Turbo package includes:

  • walkie-talkie;
  • battery;
  • charging cup KBC-35L with mains adapter;
  • antenna;
  • belt clip;
  • instructions;
  • wrist strap.

Features of Kenwood UVF1 TURBO :

  • Two frequency bands VHF and UHF operate simultaneously
  • Dual-Watch – simultaneous reception of two frequencies or channels. Allows simultaneous reception of two different frequencies (channels) both in different ranges and in the same range. (Channels do not interrupt each other)
  • Reliable housing with a metal base.
  • Rubber seal around the entire perimeter of the case, volume control, antenna connector and headset connector.
  • The level of moisture protection and dust protection exceeds the requirements of the IP54 standard. (when immersed in water, the walkie-talkie is flooded, being in the rain for a long time, the walkie-talkie breaks down, prolonged contact with wet snow or wet gloves leads to breakage)
  • Transmitter power up to 9 watts.
  • Long flexible antenna with high gain. 18 cm.
  • Powerful and capacious LI-ION 3000 mAh battery.
  • Fast battery charging.
  • Three display backlight options: blue, orange, mixed.
  • DTMF keyboard. PTT ID. 2T-5T codes.
  • 200 programmable channels.
  • VOX switching on for voice transmission. 10 levels.
  • SQL—electronic squelch level control. 10 levels.
  • FM radio receiver (FM 76-107.90 MHz).
  • Setting names for channels.
  • Locks buttons from accidental presses.
  • Scan channels and frequencies.
  • Scanning CTCSS and DCS subtones.
  • It is possible to configure via a computer.
  • Displayed received signal level.
  • Battery saving modes. (1:2, 1:3, 1:5, 1:8, AUTO, OFF)
  • A battery voltage meter allows you to accurately determine the charge level.
  • Possibility of separation of reception and transmission frequencies.
  • Blocking transmission on a busy channel.
  • Complies with IP54 standard (splash protection, protection from rain, snow, wet hands, high humidity)
  • Shockproof according to military standard MIL-810C/D/E/F.


  • Walkie-talkie Kenwood UVF-1 TURBO 1 pc.
  • Rechargeable battery 7.4V KB-35L LI-ion 3000mAh. 1 PC.
  • Charging cup with power supply 220V (12 volts 500mA) 1 pc.
  • Three-band flexible antenna L=18 cm. 1 pc.
  • Belt clip 1 pc.
  • Strap for comfortable wearing 1 pc.


Weight 285 g
Frequency range, MHz
UHF 400-480 MHz. (LPD, PMR, FRS, GMRS)
VHF 136-174 MHz.
FM Radio 76-108 MHz.
Transmitter output power, W
UHF: 1 and 8 Watts
VHF: 2 and 9 Watts.
Supply voltage, V 7.4
Operating temperature range, °C -20 ~ +55
Dimensions, mm 123mm x 66mm x 39mm
Sensitivity, µV (s/n)
Less than 0.25µV Wide band
Less than 0.35µV Narrow band.
Frequency grid step, kHz 2.5k / 5k / 6.25k / 10k / 12.5k / 20k / 25k / 30k / 50k
Adjacent channel selectivity, dB Wide >65 dB, Narrow >60 dB
Frequency stability, ppm +-2.5
Audio signal distortion, % < 5
Tone codes QT, DQT, DTMF, 2T-5T, ANI


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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