Thicker Battery Linton LT-9900 Air Band UV Multi-band 10W High Power Outdoor Handheld Radio

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Linton LT-9900 UV Multi-band Portable Walkie Talkie 10W High Power Outdoor mini Handheld Radio

Linton LT9900 Radio Budget Air Band walkie Talkie Double Band Ham Radios Two-way Radio Communication Profesional Amateur Long Range FM Transceiver

Multi-stage transmission and reception, supporting three-stage transmission and five-stage reception.

10W high power, compact size, carrying 2800mAh lithium battery.

Aviation frequency band reception, aviation enthusiasts can receive aircraft and tower call information, and supports FM radio.

Quick frequency measurement, turn on with one click, quickly scan and detect nearby transmitting frequencies, and achieve rapid team formation.

Type-C charging supports mobile phone charger, power bank, car USB and other charging to say goodbye to the trouble of power outage.

DTMF signaling selective calling, single group can be freely configured, calls can be made anytime and anywhere, and the overall situation is clear at a glance.

In case of emergency, one-click alarm. The body comes with LED flashlight and strobe light.


Product name: Lingtong LT-9900

Transmitting power: ≤10W

Frequency Range:
Transmission: 136-176MHz, 200-280MHz, 350-520MHz
Reception: 136-176MHz, 200-280MHz, 350-520MHz
FM radio: 76-108MHz
AM Aviation: 108-135.97MHz

Battery capacity: 2800mAh

Charging method: type-c

Number of channels: 200

Number of radios stored: 25

Headphone interface: K head

Antenna interface: SMA female

Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Weight: about 234g

Size: Walkie-talkie: 110*53*31mm, Antenna: 210mm

Shipping list:
Charging cable*1
Charging adapter*1
Back clip*1

Size: 110mm * 45mm * 35mm (manual measurement may result in errors)

Weight: 242g

Frequency range: Emit 136-174MHZ 200-280MHZ 350-400MHZ 400-520MHZ

Received: 76-108MHZ 108-136MHZ (aviation frequency band) 136-174MHZ 200-280MHZ 350-400 MHZ 400-520MHZ



Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 200 cm


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