Motorola CP040 CP140 DP1400 Replacement 2200mAh PMNN4252AR Battery


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2200mAh PMNN4252AR Replacement Li-thium Battery For Motorola CP040 CP140 DP1400 walkie talkie

 PMNN4252 is a safe battery for digital radio stations DP1400, analog CP040 and the rest of the CP-Commercial series. The PMNN4252 battery is an analog of the standard CP-Commercial series of NNTN4851 batteries supplied with commercial radio stations and the modern replacement of the NNTN4852 battery.

PMNN4252 battery has a number of original analogues of different capacity and chemical types, suitable for ensuring the operability of practical radios in any temperature environment. The main difference from the standard battery supplied is compliance with the FM / IS standards.

Compatible with:

You can use PMNN4252 battery for radio stations:

Motorola CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180, CP150, CP200, DP1400


1* Battery

1* Belt Chip

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 cm


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