TYT TH-UV-8200 GPS 2m 70 cm Dual Band 10W Waterproof Amateur Radio


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TYT TH-UV-8200 2m / 70 cm Dual Band 10W Waterproof Amateur GPS Radio

TYT TH-UV8200 is a dual-band(VHF and UHF) radio equipped with the optional management of a GPS,color display,waterproof and dustproof. As the small transceiver housed in the hands – a transmit power of 10w. Another surprise is that included in addition MICROPHONE – handset is a programming interface, and the software is on the manufacturer’s website.

TYT TH-UV8200 analog dual band 10W handheld radio. The radio features a color TFT display, 10W of power on high, 5W of power on low (no medium setting, once again) and IP67 waterproof/dustproof protection. The body seems to be similar, if not identical, to the TYT MD-390DMR radio.

All other specifications are pretty much what we’ve used to, except for the 256 memory channel capacity (most analog handhelds from TYT come with 128 channels) and the optional offering of GPS. It really looks interesting.

Item Description:
TYT TH-UV-8200 handheld radio 2m / 70cm – IP-67 housing – up to 10 watts of power
With manual in printed version and service.
robust 2m / 70 cm amateur radio with waterproof IP 67 housing and color display

Technical specifications:

Frequency range TX (transmitter)
144-146 MHz
430-440 MHz
expandable 136 – 174 MHz / 220-260 MHz / 320-400 MHz / 400 – 520 MHz

Frequency range RX (receiver)
144-146 MHz
430-440 MHz
FM broadcast 76-108 MHz
expandable 136 – 174 MHz / 220-260 MHz / 320-400 MHz / 400 – 520 MHz

Transmission power Afu bands
switchable Low 5 W / High 8-10 W on battery power approx. 8 W ​​(VHF)
with optional mobile adapter up to 10 W (VHF)
Operating modes FM (F3E)
Channel spacing 0.5 / 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25 / 37.5 / 50/100 kHz
Memory channels 256

Features & Functions:

colored LC display with backlight
Relay storage freely programmable (0 – 99.995 MHz)
1750 Hz tone
Scan function
Voice Announcement (English)
Dual watch function
VOX function with different sensitivity levels
Bandwidth Wide / Narrow selectable
Squelch adjustable in 9 sensitivity levels
monitor function
Keyboard lock can be activated
Man down function
BCLO function
Time-out timer function
Display of the battery condition
Reset function
programmable via PC (programming cable available as an option)
Software for free download on the website of the manufacturer TYT

Connection for external audio accessories Kenwood standard double jack (2.5 / 3.5mm) on the side of the device
Antenna connection standard SMA connection no SMA-R connection
Power supply Battery pack included
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 29 x 123 x 36mm
Weight 300 grams with battery

Packing :
TYT TH-UV8200 10W Waterproof Amateur Radio
Battery pack Li-Ion 2200 mAh
Flat loader with plug-in power supply
2 antennas short and long
belt clip

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 100 cm


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