You may have noticed that none of our product descriptions talk about range. There is a reason for this.

Consumer products often advertise 30 miles of range from a half watt family radio. This is only possible under the most pristine, perfect conditions where both people are on mountain tops with direct line of site to each other and minimal moisture in the atmosphere.

In the real world with trees, buildings and other obstructions you may only get 100 yards from a cheap family radio.

We do not sell family radios. We only sell professional land mobile business radios where the least expensive radio we carry has two watts of power. The most powerful handheld we sell transmits at five watts of power. Base stations, mobile vehicle radios and repeaters can easily get up to 45 or 50 watts of power. Click here to learn about wide-area coverage trunking repeater systems.

Even with these high power business radios we still do not talk about range on our website.

Range depends on what type of building you operate in. Are there other companies nearby operating their own high power two-way radio systems? Are you willing to use a standard antenna or do you need the convenience of a short antenna? Do you have different models of radios communicating with each other? How old are your batteries? Is there other industrial equipment nearby that can give off RF interference? If you are using base stations or vehicle radios, what kind of antennas are you using and where are they placed?

We always recommend you call us so we can go over your specific situation and give you a recommendation that will work for your needs and environment. 

We look forward to hearing from you so we can solve any two-way radio communications problems you might have.

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