Wandfu PTT H3-B Bluetooth Speaker Mic For Walkie Talkie POC iOS Zello Android Azetti ESchat GroupTalk iPhone


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Wandfu H3-B Bluetooth PTT Speaker Mic For Walkie Talkie &POC App

Prof Bluetooth WalkieTalkie PTT Spk/Mike 4 iPhone/Android Zello ESchat GroupTalk

this device is certified by Zello, GroupTalk and more….

A certified push-to-talk hardware created specifically for Zello so you can:

  • Use a dedicated hardware button for push-to-talk.
  • Listen clearly in noisy environments through a headset or more powerful speaker.
  • Keep your phone locked and safe in your pocket, or talk and listen while using other apps.

Your iOS or Android devices need either a data plan or a WiFi connection.

Product Specifications:

Work with iOS6, iOS7, iOS8 (please check our facebook pages for more details.  We are the official worldwide distributor and the official testing team.)

***For iOS, factory tested up to iOS 10

Can be used with smartphone apps: zello, azetti, GroupTalk, ESchat, voxer, airptt, walkie talkie, all talk, tikl, genaker ptt and catcom, etc.

  1. Bluetooth v3.0 hsp, hfp, a2dp, avrc profiles supported
    2. Can connect with mobile phone for calls handling and stereo music
    3. Switch to mono and stereo
    4. Push-to-talk ptt button support control to Bluetooth adapter/dongle
    5. Can connect with various radio Bluetooth adapter/dongle
    6. Support 3.5mm headset connector
    7. Dsp noise suppression and echo-cancellation, crystal voice quality
    8. Compatibility with various mobile phones
    9. Connect to two way radio and mobile phone at the same time, priority setting
    10. Volume up/down independently tunable
    11. Firmware USB upgrade available
    12. Four-button operation
    13. Long life lithium battery
    14. 20 hours talking time
    15. 500 hours standby time



Pairing H3-B with bluetooth adaptor for two way radio

1.In the power off state, long press microphone power on/off‌ button for 8s, indicator into red and blue flash alternately.

2.In the power off state, long press bluetooth adapter power on/off button for 8s, indicator into red and blue flash alternately.

  1. When both BT mic and BT adapter red and blue indicator turn to blue flash slowly, pairing success.
  2. Now you can press H3-B  PTT button to control radio and talk.


Paring H3-B with smart phones

  1. In the power off state, long press microphone “power on/off” button for 8s, indicator will flash red and blue alternately (For Android phone, press Volume- into solid red and blue indicators flash paring mode).
  2. Open mobile phone Bluetooth set, then search device, when device name “Dellking PTT Mic” appears, just choose it and pair, when the Bluetooth microphone red and blue indicators turn into slowly blue indicator flash, then pairing successful.

Note: Please remind, when the PTT mic connect with cellphone, use APP to do follow setting.


Zello app:

  1. Android phone: Setting–Option–Advanced Settings–choice PTT operation as “Dellking PTT microphone”–in talking interface (left bottom) choose “Bluetooth audio”.
  2. IOS phone: just pair the mobile phone and PTT mic, do not need to setting any things, then you can talk with our PTT mic.


Azetti app:

  1. Android phone: Setting–Devices–Bluetooth headset H3-B, Use Bluetooth audio “on” and Use Bluetooth button “on”–then you can talk by our PTT mic.


l        Black housing

l        Four button operation

l        20h talking time

l        500h standby time

l        Waterproof IP54

Tech Specs:

  • Microphone Type:    DSP Noise Suppression MIC
  • Bluetooth Version:    V3.0
  • Chip:                            CSR BlueCore5MM
  • Bluetooth protocol :  HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • RF Power :                   10dB
  • RF Frequency :           2.4~2.4835GHz
  • Operate distance:      10 Meters
  • Charging time :          about 3 hours
  • Working time :           8 hours
  • operating distance :  10 Meters
  • Waterproof level :      IP54
  • Standby time:             500 h
  • Battery Power:           DC5.0V/500mA
  • Battery type :             rechargeable lithium battery 160mA/3.7v operating
  • Weight :                      about   130g
  • Colour:                        Black
  • Product Size:              89 x 63 x 32mm
  • Compatible with Various brand mobile phones, GPS navigators
  •  Working temperature : -15︒C~45︒C
  • Storage temperature : -25︒C~60︒C

***  Smartphones and iPad are not included

Functional Description:

Support De Qing remote control:

  • to support remote control of one key remote control and 5 key remote control
  • 3 hours to complete the charge
  • standby time is 100 hours
  • the remote controller also supports the firmware upgrade

phone processing:

  • support mobile phone hands-free, mobile phone, intercom and music automatic switching
  • support voice dial-up
  • end code replay
  • telephone, reject and hang up
  • volume control 6., supports all kinds of 3.5mm plug headphones
A2DP Music:
  • support Bluetooth A2DP music playback
  • can enjoy mobile stereo music or other A2DP music sources
  • using the Bluetooth AVRCP protocol, the remote music playback can be suspended, the last or the next

Connect mobile phone intercom software:

  • Supporting intercom software that connects Android mobile phones, such as Zello, Azetti, Bper, ease, sky wing, etc

Each unit Package Contain:

1 x Bluetooth Speaker Mic

1 x AC adaptor (for your country)

1 x Cable

1 x Manual

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 150 cm


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